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2018 Artists

Artists are grouped by medium.


Bob Andersen

Bob Andersen, Ceramic
Kalona, Iowa
2013 Honorable Mention

kate chandler

Katherine Chandler, Ceramic
Des Moines, Iowa

linda folden

Linda Folden, Ceramic
West Des Moines, Iowa

caroline freese

Caroline Freese, Ceramic
Indianola, Iowa

ruben ruiz 2

Ruben Ruiz, Ceramic
Huxley, IA
2016 Excellence Award

Snowy River Pottery sunshinemugs

Kathleen Skagen, Ceramic
Dundee, IA

mary weisgram

Mary Weisgram, Ceramic
Ames, IA

Drawing | Painting | Printmaking

Layne Andres

Layne Andrews, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
West Des Moines, Iowa

Jan Bernhard

Jan Bernhard, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Waterloo, Iowa

cherie courter 3

Cherie Courter, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Storm Lake, Iowa

sean miller

Sean Miller, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Washington, Iowa

carol moliterno

Carol Moliterno, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

steve nowatski

Steve Nowatzki, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Minneapolis, Minnesota
2017 1st Place, 2012 best of show

will hildebrant 2

Will Hildebrandt, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
LeGrand, Iowa

Missy 3

Missy Sharer, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Marshalltown, Iowa

Fiber | Leather | Paper

laura mcgarvey

Laura McGarvey, Fiber/Leather/Paper
Iowa City, Iowa

bonnie ohrt

Bonnie Ohrt, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Haverhill, Iowa

ellen sakornbut

Ellen Sakornbut, Fiber/Leather/Paper
Waterloo, Iowa

kay schneider

Kay Schneider, Fiber/Leather/Paper
Iowa City, Iowa



Charles Anholt, Glass
Mason City, Iowa

amy muggenberg

Amy Muggenberg, Glass
Marion, Iowa

Rhonda wittkop

Rhonda Wittkop, Glass
Cherokee, Iowa


ann bresler

Ann Bresler, Jewelry
Marshalltown, Iowa

kathleen clausen

Kathleen Clausen, Jewelry
Indianapolis, Indiana

caroline francis

Caroline Francis, Jewelry
Waterloo, Iowa

william gillard

William Gillard, Jewelry
Ft. Myers, Florida

nancy hatch

Nancy Hatch, Jewelry
Knoxville, Iowa

jan ekllog

Jan Kellogg, Jewelry
Des Moines, Iowa

Jennifer Lawler3

Jennifer Lawler, Jewelry
Des Moines, Iowa

sara lesch

Sara Letsch, Jewelry
Boone, Iowa

Laura Ross 3

Laura Ross, Jewelry
Moorland, Iowa

sharon smith

Saron Smith, Jewelry
Urbandale, Iowa

Lody steward

Lody Steward, Jewelry
Haverhill, Iowa


Cheryl Wallace, Jewelry
Des Moines, Iowa

abagail west

Abigail West, Jewelry
Des Moines, Iowa

Mixed Media

Will Buschbaum

Will Buschbaum, Mixed Media
Urbandale, Iowa

barbara espy

Barbra Espey, Mixed Media
Quincy, Illinois

andrew johnson

Andrew Johnson, Mixed Media
Kansas City, Missouri


Olivia Chapman

Olivia Chapman, Photography
Marshalltown, Iowa
2017 Emerging Artist

The Things in the Cupboard

Shannon Graham, Photography
Cedar Falls, Iowa

rich hermann

Rich Herrmann
Mount Vernon, Iowa

Sculpture | Metal

dave reckhouse

Dave Reckhouse, Sculpture/Metal
Boscobel, Wisconsin

andrew traeger

Andrew Taeger, Sculpture/Metal
Iowa City, Iowa


jack collison 2

Jack Collison, Wood
Marshalltown, Iowa
2015 Award of Excellence

jordan ferr

Jordan Ferr, Wood
Vinton, Iowa

Todd Hughes

Todd Hughes, Wood
Grand Mound, Iowa

dave johnson

Dave Johnson, Wood
Clinton, Iowa

ernest koch

Ernest Koch, Wood
Fort Dodge, Iowa

2017 Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Festival winners.

2017 Best in Show Winners: 

1st Place: Steve Nowatzki of Minneapolis, MN ~ Print Maker

2nd Place: Kent Durk of Columbia, MO ~ Photographer

3rd Place: Daniel Marks of Ames, IA ~ Painting

2017 Awards of Excellence:

Jessica Kettler of Chelsea, IA ~ Fiber

Will Hildebrandt of LeGrand, IA ~ Painter

Shauna Zech of Waterloo, IA ~ Jewler

2017 Emerging Artist Awards: 

1st Place: Olivia Champman from Marshalltown, attending Univeristy of Northern Iowa (Freshman)

2nd Place: Sade Butler from University of Northern Iowa (Senior)

3rd Place: Brenna Porsch from Marshalltown High School (Sophomore)

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